Thursday, June 21, 2012

Olivia's Blessing

On the way home from JoAnn's funeral we stopped in Logan (actually she was buried there) for Olivia's blessing. Olivia is such a blessing in the first place. That she was conceived, that she stayed in the uterus for 34 weeks, that she survived her 3 lb. 6 oz. birth weight, that she put up with all the tests, etc., and that she survived her super excited siblings upon arriving home. Taking care of Clay and Ella and bringing them to Seattle for a couple weeks was one of the best times of my life. So, Ells is pretty dear to me. Anyway, Jake's family all came, Bob and Lucy were there, her aunt Mimi came, it was truly a "family" event and I get the impression Olivia will be pulling the family together as one of her life functions. Here's just a few pics to help you visualize the joyful occasion.

Dittos In Seattle

Annie came over to do a presentation for the Relief Society about strengthening relationships. They were here Sunday night through Thursday morning. We didn't get home from JoAnn's funeral until Monday afternoon so we weren't here when they got here. Jeanne worked Monday night and Tuesday night so she didn't get to spend too much time with them. But I did! We went to the zoo, the beach, the park, the movie and so much more. Papa had a great time (I hope the Dittos did). Thanks for coming and come on back anytime!

Creation Points

I think my vote goes to whoever created the tiger for "best creation." Of course I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time. Just wanted to share this picture and suggest some votes could go to this inventor. Beautiful and a pretty impressive "voice" as well!

Tender Mercies ( Little Miracles)

Well, I'm a big believer in miracles and have blogged before about that. It is important, if you believe in miracles, to recognize them and acknowledge them so here's another post about a little miracle. Annie and her kids came to see us this week. Among other activities we went to the zoo, then to Kidd Valley for burgers (still very good) and then to Gas Works Park. It was a beautiful day and, as you might imagine, I had my camera with me. As is my habit, there were many exposures and then we were back on our way to the car. Before leaving for the car we had gone right down to the edge of Lake Union and taken family pics of the Dittos. On the walk back to the car I found my self perhaps 50 yards ahead of Annie, Maren and Hailey. I "felt" like I should turn and take a few more pictures (why?, there were already so many). I did. When we arrived at the car, Annie noticed that her Italian Glass Pendant she had received from Kelly as an engagement gift was missing off her necklace. We discussed going back to look for it - the park is huge and we had covered much ground. She concluded it was not big deal and we should go. Then she said, "you know there are only a couple possessions I wouldn't want to lose and that is one of them." I got the camera out and reviewed the pictures. We determined the pendant was on during family pictures by the water and off on the walk back to the car (so glad I turned and took a couple more pictures). I said, "give me five minutes," and ran out of the car. Addison followed in close pursuit. On the way I could feel Annie's prayers (or thoughts or whatever she was doing, but she was definitely hoping we could find it). As Addison and I approached the spot of the first picture without the pendant, I said, "just look in the grass and see if you can find it." Essentially no sooner said than done! (You must experience the size of the park to appreciate the magnitude of the miracle.) Addison sprinted back to the car (me - not so much of a sprint) and spread the good news. Notice the size of the park. I just love a good miracle!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

End of Megan's High School Career

Megan's high school years are rapidly approaching an end so Deb wanted some pictures to remember her Carnegie Hall trip and her softball season. Time was coming to give the softball uniform back and to leave for New York, so Emmy and I set up the studio in the TV room and did a little magic. I think they turned out pretty good. Maybe I should open a studio!???

Emily Pickett - DRESSMAKER

Emily has been having trouble finding a job this summer to make some money for school. It is a really tough year for the economy and this silly state of Washington has a $10 minimum which doesn't exactly encourage employers giving youngsters jobs who will only work for 3 months. Anyway, just to keep herself busy (I suppose) or maybe to be a great friend, Emmy's been making dresses, prom dresses to be exact, for cousins and friends. Here's an example of what she made for her friend Emily Pope.

Annies BGF's

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting Annie and some friends from Spokane. It was fun. Annie needs to know it does NOT count as a Ditto family trip to Seattle!

Memorial Day Weekend in Edmonds

It was a beautiful weekend for a holiday. Lots of work, lots of sun, a wonderful memorial ceremony, friends, flags, remembrances, just all around a good time. Here are some pictures from the weekend.
This (and the next three) is a view from the deck. Beautiful sunsets.