Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunsets From the Deck at the New House

There's a roof or two in the way, but the sunsets are still pretty nice from the new house versus the old one. (Keep watching for before and after pics of the house - coming soon.)

Addison's 8th Birthday Party

Although Addison doesn't turn 8 until tomorrow, there was a party yesterday to celebrate his and Annie's birthday's. I had gone over to Spokane for Youth Conference (photographer) and had the good fortune of being there for the party. I took Addison shopping to find him some running shoes for a birthday present and then we went to IHOP for birthday lunch. Upon entering the host ask "how many?" "Just two," I responded, "me and the birthday boy." (It's always worth a shot, you know free desert or something.) "It's your birthday today?," asks the host. "No, not til Monday," replies Addison (so specific). "How old are you?," "seven." I've got to help out here. "how old will you be on Monday?," I interject. "Eight," comes Addy's answer. No free desert as you might imagine. A very fun party though.

Addison allowed to light his own candles.

Addy about to find out what happens when the match burns to close to ones fingers!

Blowing out the candles.

All smiles!

Of course it was Annie's birthday too!

And she got the PERFECT birthday present delivered all the way from Seattle (a collaboration of Kelly, Jeanne and Rodger). Happy Birthday daughter!

Owen Growing Up

Owen Rodger Pickett (and his parents Casey and Katalyn) have been staying with us in Seattle for the past several months preparing to leave for medical school. Tommorow (July 1, 2011) Casey and I leave on the long drive to Columbus, OH. Katalyn and Owen fly out on the 4th. I'm going to miss Owen very badly (and his parents too). He's grown up a lot since he's come. Here are some fun pics.