Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blue Ribbon #3

Based on the title you'd think I'm some kind of great chef or something - but in fact, it's not me but the receipe that's won 3 blue ribbons now. It's Annies receipe for Pineapple Chille which won it's first blue ribbon at the Lancaster II Ward Chille Cookoff in February 2008 and the third (that we know of) was won tonight in the Meadowdale, WA Ward Men's Chille Cookoff. When the signup sheets came along, there was a category for "Most Unusual" so it seemed this receipe would be great for that. When I showed up to the cookoff the category stated "Most Original." I felt bad and confessed the receipe wasn't "original" to me. They let me compete and, well, Win! I bar-b-qued the marinated pork loin and it was umm umm good, kept snitching the whole time I was cutting it up. Added a a little "Crushed Red Pepper" (dehydrated) for a little more "zing" and it's another Blue Ribbon. Thanks for the receipe Annie. I love you!