Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Snow In PA

Snow has come early in PA. It wasn't really forecast. But it came anyway. Like everything else, the unexpected has it's goods and it's bads. In this case it's beautiful and it's cold. And here is what differentiates people in life - you may either focus on the good, focus on the bad, or just miss it altogether. That said, let me say, IT'S BEAUTIFUL! Oh, and Ray Little and I are going to have a great time at the Penn State - Michigan State game today (a great chance to bundle up and thank God for new technology in the clothing industry).I can't recall ever seeing this contrast before - the fresh snow and the brightly colored leaves. For some unexplainable reason the Beech tree leaves are exceptionally brightly colored this fall and seem all that much more colorful against the snow.Last night's sunset reminded me of another reason why we willingly trade the summer's warmth for the winter's cold - the sky. I was reminded of all the times on Sunday afternoons when Kelly and I would go out on photo safaris. Only in the winter, with the sun low in the sky and the temperature inversions and whatever else contributes do we get the color and feeling in the sky. On this evening, Jeanne and I were on our way to do some Christmas shopping (yes, we are very on top of things this year) when the sky appeared and I asked if it would be ok to stop for a minute to take some pictures. Of course, she's heard "a minute" way too many times to know "a minute" can sometimes turn into thirty, and, of course, she's very loving and supportive of my picture taking, so she intelligently responded, "sure, but I need to go to the bathroom pretty bad." She knows me well enough that my concern for her would take precedence over pictures (one of the few things) so it really was only a couple minutes. The tracks heading into the setting sun reminded me of movies when I was a child which almost all ended with someone "riding into the sunset." So this is my version of that.
Just in parting, remember to occasionally look back, there may be something you're missing.