Monday, May 2, 2016

Emmy and Todd

It's proven interesting to have the youngest marry. I can still clearly remember the phone call from Jeanne 23 years ago, "Guess what?" It was the only time in 17 years of marriage (at that point) and five other children that I felt like Ricky Richardo when Lucy told him she was pregnant. Up to that point I'd always wondered how it could have been such a big surprise to Ricky. Now I knew. There was some concern about how old we'd be when she was in middle school. We'd certainly be the oldest parents in PTA. There was a little bit of, "this is inconvenient to my life plan." Not long into her life, all of our lives changed dramatically as we relocated from Washington to Pennsylvania. It was terribly hard on Jeanne but if Emmy hadn't been a baby, a major distraction if you will, it would have been worse. And so an unusual bond formed between parents and baby child. She enjoyed hanging out with us as a teenager. Never once, "dad, you can drop me off here," so friends wouldn't see. Never once resistance to a parental kiss, even in front of friends. "Emily, it's Friday night. Don't you want to go to the game or something?" "No, I think I'll just hang out with you guys tonight." I've loved all my children and felt very close to them all, but none of them, with the exception of Emily, ever wanted to hang out with me on a Friday night. That said, you can imagine that her dating experience was limited. Very limited. Which led Jeanne and me to include in our prayers while she was on her mission, "... and bless Emily when she returns that she can find an eternal companion." Enter Todd Dickerson. I love Todd. Yes, he's a good man; happy, kind, faithful, etc., but mostly I love Todd because he loves Emily. Therefore, he's an answer to fervent parental prayer. He's a gift. The whole wedding affair was wonderful. Thanks to children (siblings) who sacrificed to be there and make it truly a family affair (yes, Casey, I know it was impossible for you - no problem here). Thanks to Todd's family for being gracious, relaxed, fun and kind. Thanks to God for sending good weather and many other wonderful blessings. And thanks to Emily for wanting to hang out with me all those years but realizing it was time to leave father and mother and begin her own family. Life is good, very good, and Jeanne, six marvelous kids (now 12), 13 wonderful grandkids, and God himself makes it so good. Congratulations Emily on so many things, but mostly (at this moment) for finding Todd. God bless you.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Update Series Continued

Turns out July was a pretty big month because this is the third post and we are only to July 4th, which as you know can be a very fun day. First we went to the parade. I love small town parades. I loved it about Elizabethtown and now I love it about Edmonds! Then we went to the beach. It was a very cool day at the beach because the tide was lower than I'd ever seen it. We then enjoyed the fireworks shows (Kingston and Edmonds) from our deck. The Kingston show was across the sound but we could see it perfectly and then when the Edmonds show started it was as if the fireworks were exploding right in our faces. It was spectacular and fun.

Update Series Continued

The next thing that happened of note is that Betsy and Katherine (with kids) stopped by on the way to CHINA!

Update Series

Perhaps you think nothing has happened since June. Well, a few things have so here are a series of posts to sort of bring things up to date. First - we finally got around to taking graduation pictures of Kristine in July.